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What Is Iridology?
Iridology is the study of the iris part of the eye.  The study and practice of Iridology is not new.  The oldest records uncovered thus far show that a form of iris
interpretation  was used in ancient China 1000 years before Christ.

The science and practice of Iridology is performed by analyzing the colored portion of the eye, along with the sclera (white part of the eye).  The iris is connected
to every organ in the human body by way of the nervous system.  

Through the optic nerves, which are attached to the eyes, vision information is sent to the brain.  Information is then sent from the brain back to the eye about your overall level of health.  Iridology reveals the level of health and the presence of tissue inflammation in the body, where it is located and what stages it has reached.

Today, in the 20th century, doctors and scientists primarily from the United States, have brought Iridology into worldwide recognition.

Do you know that no two eyes are the same, not even your own?

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Iridology   (eye-ri-dology)

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